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Here are the season stats for year 2000/2001 Somers Varsity Lacrosse:

2001 Outlook

Our 2001 long stick defense has the potential to be very good. Only time will tell, however.

Our goalies , Jon Hren (sophomore) and Dave Picard (freshman) are playing well.

Key Defensive players are:

Charlie Gable (senior), Noah Cass and Jordan Flower (juniors) and long stick middies are led by Brendan Brown (junior), Jared Flower (sophomore) and Tommy Allen (freshman)

2001 FINAL STATS (16 Regular Season Games)

Man Down                                              102 times
Short handed goals allowed:                 23
KILL RATIO:                                            77.5%
Even Strength Goals allowed:               65
Even Strength Goals allowed/Gm        4.1   (best ever - closest was 4.7 in 1999)
AVERAGE TOTAL GOALS/Gm           5.5   (same as Princeton University 2001 NCAA Champs!)

TOTAL GOALS SCORED:                    183      Average per game: 11.4
TOTAL GOALS ALLOWED:                 88

2000 Stats

Defense played man down 88 times and allowed only 18 goals, an 80% kill ratio.

In 16 regular season games, the defense allowed 6.6 goals per game, even strength.

In 1999, even strength goals allowed was an average of 4.7 per game.

Culver Modisette - Defense Coach