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Somers Lacrosse Association

The Somers Lacrosse Association is the group that "sponsors" our recreational level programs for girls and boys at the 6th through 8th grade levels, and serves as a "feeder program" for Varsity competition.
Teams are grouped by 2 grade levels, 5-6, 7-8.
The boys program for 2000 is headed by Phil Roland (also one of our town Selectmen) and Chuck Gable, who both have sons in the successful high school program.
Basic skill development, team strategy and competitive play are emphasized for all levels.  
A competition schedule against other towns in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts are part of the process in developing our young players.
Practice and games take place in the spring at Pinney Farm and MBA Middle School in Somers.  High school varsity players are encouraged to act as mentors and coaches to this group.
A season ending event and fundraiser is the annual  Paul Bowers Invitational Tournament, held in June, which features lacrosse teams from all over the Northeast.  
Paul Bowers was a former Somers Lacrosse player who was killed in an auto accident.
For more information on the Somers Lacrosse Association, leave a message on the Message Board and someone will contact you.