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Somers Lacrosse Seniors - 2001

Charlie Gable
Defense  #28
Robert "Rob" Larity
Attack #14
Charlie leads the Spartan Defense with his strong checking, full-field offensive charges and overall aggressiveness his hockey background brings.  A definite force on the field, he often takes on the opposition's toughest shooters. Charlie is also standout hockey player on one of Connecticut's leading Junior travel teams and is being recruited by colleges in both sports.
Rob has been one of the most consistent scorers the past few seasons for the Spartans, with his quick moves and accurate shot around the net.  Rob has gained patience the past 2 seasons and looks for the assist as well as the many goals he records.  He has also played Varsity basketball for the Spartans in past seasons, is a 4 year member of the Cross-Country team and is a top student.

Matt Roland
Middie  #19
Brandon Thibodeau
Attack #17
The cry "Rollie" is heard often as Matt continues to win another face-off in that key role.  He is also an offensive threat and is one of the toughest players on the team.
Matt was a standout on the Soccer team that reached the Class S semis in 2000, and was also a member of the Varsity Basketball team this winter.
Matt is also an honors student and will attend Colby College in Maine and play lacrosse.
Brandon is known for his specialty "ground ball" shot, often scoring on this from extreme angles.  Another tough player, he has added some variety to his shot making this season and is often a multiple goal scorer, as well as a versatile passer around the goal.
Brandon is also a member of the Somers Fire Department.

Kevin Warnock
Middie #16
Ben Custin

Middie #27
Kevin (a.k.a. ELVIS) has been a leading offensive threat the past 2 years, taking up where brother Jim (now at Springfield College) left off.  A speedy runner and excellent stick handler, Kevin often brings the ball out of the defensive zone.  He shows great variety shooting either the high hard one from the slot, or the quickie from around the goal.   Kevin also was a leader on the soccer field and for the Spartans Varsity basketball team .
Ben, while one of the quieter guys on the team,  has developed into a solid midfield player and has joined the group of many offensive minded Spartans this season.

Part of the Spartans "brother act", his brother Sam is a Jr. Midfielder.
Ben was a 3 year member of the Cross Country team at Somers.

Victor Smith
Defense #8
Chris Williams

Middie #21

Vic is getting his first taste of high school lacrosse action this season, deciding to come out as a senior.  Victor was a leader on the Spartan basketball team as the starting center and one of the leading scorers the past 2 seasons.
Chris is a quiet, strong performer, a very unselfish player who is content with making the great setup pass for an assist.
He has also scored some key goals this year as well.
Known for his prowess in throwing a soccer ball a long way, Chris' unique skill was a great asset to the Spartan Soccer team in the fall.
Chris has been accepted at the University of Hartford.

Neil Yukimura
Neil is a very versatile player, in his first year with the Spartans.  He is very quick and agile and recovers a lot of loose ground balls - he is also an excellent passer who is developing a scoring touch.  Neil continues to improve daily. He was also a top Cross-Country runner for the Spartans.