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2001 Team Photos
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Team and Seniors
2001 Seniors
Brendan Brown (10)  ready to move in
Seniors with Coach McCarthy
Drew Snowdon passes to Sam Custin
Chris Williams scores vs. Avon
Charlie Gable leads defense vs. Staples
Rob Larity Attacks w Chris Williams
"Victory Moon" as Somers wins again
Bryan Parks wins face-off vs. Glastonbury
Captains ready
Coaches  Modisette, McCarthy and Nolan
Greg Sanderson sets it up
Kevin Warnock shoots vs. Avon
Team Managers
Rob Larity attacks (again!)
Team gets ready vs. Staples
"Willie" focuses before Avon game
Defending vs. Wilton
Eric Brewer on the run vs. Windsor
Drew Snowdon passing
Greg Sanderson manuevers behind
Joe Bores attacks
Jordan Flower defends vs. Avon
John and Carolyn Tschummi support the team
Coach McCarthy imparting strategy
Kevin Warnock attacks vs. Wilton
Noah Cass (24)  and Jon Hren protecting the goal
Neil Yukimura on the run
Steve Dehm (3) warming up
Kevin Warnock scores (again) vs. Avon
Victor Smith on defense
Wilton Warriors - the Final Foe